Modelstopia Exclusive | Model Laura from Made By Milk Models | Photo by Wojciech Foit




Born from a desire to bring raw real true talent & content to the forefront of fashion social media for the new generation "OK Boomer".Embracing the various strengths of the new age models.

We have focused our platform on the current

dynamic of art, fashion. Our belief is that the new face to watch should be outspoken, real, fearless and true. To do so, we approach the industry in a proactive manner by bringing brand and talent together. Fueling every aspect of careers hand in hand with the selective talents and Mother/Model Agencies we partner with. But most importantly adapting our team to the ever evolving movement of fashion and society.

Get Discovered, Get noticed, Get heard. Intelligence-driven online platform specializing in discovering new face models and upcoming artist by partnering with MA's Worldwide. A platform for young talent new or established models to gain a boost to grow and connect with top agencies, designers, photographers and brake into the world of fashion. Physical and mental well being is one of Modelstopia main goals. We believe that a strong healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. Celebrating diversity by discovering and featuring models of all ethnic backgrounds and hand selecting new faces with voices, models that aren't just simply mannequins but that are changing this industry in a fast evolving world, the voices that challenge the forces controlling our lives. Globally distinguished media outlet that identifies and promotes the talent propelling the new wave taste from an artistic and industry driven perspective.

- Join us, be yourself, be alive. #modelstopia

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