Modelstopia IG Takeover 2021




As soon as you login we will need a introduction video to create your highlight for modelstopia IG page. you will find a few examples of introduction videos on a few model highlight from past takeovers. Post it on our story feed and I will create a story highlight for you. If you are a returning model no need to worry. ( You may make the introduction video in your native language ) 


An Instagram takeover is the process of taking over someone else’s Instagram account temporarily and sharing content with their audience. Instagram takeovers are an incredible way for models, agencies, individuals and influencers to collaborate and cross-promote content. Takeovers started with brands allowing other Instagrammers to post photos to their feeds for a short period of time and have continued to evolved alongside Instagram’s feature set. Video, Stories and live video updates have all added new, and exciting, dimensions to Instagram takeovers. What are takeovers good for, for both parties Providing value through useful content. Driving social engagement for both parties. Raising brand awareness for both parties. Becoming noticed, Building a new network, Interacting with a new audience. 

A brief history of #modelstopia:

Founded on June 21 2015 ( Summer Solstice 2015 ) by Julio Ramirez in Houston Tx. Modelstopia was started as a photography project. A creative hub where local artist came together to create beautiful editorials for magazine submissions. After discovering many new faces in the Houston area Modelstopia become well know to local and national modeling agencies. 
Later in 2016-2017 Modelstopia dedicated its self to scout for new talent and work along Mother Agencies across the country and overseas. In 2018 Modelstopia made the transition from scouting to digital and print publications, Modelstopia Magazine was born. It was a successful 2018 however investment goals were not met and was forced to shut down the print publication department. 2019 was Modelstopia’s darkest days, as plans to revive the print publication department were completely shut. With little fundings Modelstopia managed survive another year to 2020. For 2020 Modelstopia is going back to its original roots. A creative hub for models to gain exposure. A non profit platform to jumpstart young talents modeling careers By giving them tools and insights to grow in a fast moving industry and the opportunity to expand their network. Modelstopia is not a individual but a collective of talents coming together to show the real side of modeling, it’s not always going to be glamorous. Modelstopia was reinvented to show the models everyday life and struggles, ups and downs, productive and lazy days. 

I’m happy to have you on board for this 2020 Modelstopia IG project. 
You will have access to Modelstopia Instagram account for the remaining of the year.




Not Available ….

Team Modelstopia:

Julio (JC) - Social media director 
N/A - Public relations specialist , Creative Director.  
N/A - Service representative, Art Director 
Stacy - Programmer 

N/A - Model, translator, creative

Model Squads:

Not Available

We encourage to post about your everyday life. Our audience loves to see what models do when they aren’t working, for example cooking a healthy meal , working out, adventures , hobbies , lazy days, makeup, Fashion, sports, memes, titktoks the list is endless. Anything related to you. We advise to promote your Mother Agency as much as possible. 
If you don't see your username below don't worry it will be added soon.





you may write and speak in your native language.

Please do not tamper with the settings. 


Highlights will be created for each model. 
It will consist of a picture and name of the model. Under that highlight we recommend you save all your story feed and live streams 

No unfollowing people. If a situation arrises in unfollowing someone it must be approved by Modelstopia team. 

You may follow anyone you wish. 

Unlimited - (Instagram only allows 60 comments per hour) you may comment as much as you wish. When commenting you may leave your initials or name bellow your post comment so people may know it’s you who is commenting. 

( example) - 
This is a beautiful picture ️
⁃ Jc 

Unlimited - (Instagram only allows 60 likes per hour) 

Application extensions:
( please do not use any 3rd party application that requires you to login with this modelstopia account ) 

You are allowed to DM or reply to someone or someone’s message Just make sure you add your name or initials below the message to avoid confusion 
Please do not delete DM’s. I clear my inbox once a year. 

Blocking user:
Please report any hate comments or DM to Modelstopia’s team immediately.

Do not unblock:
Users who are blocked, are blocked for a reason and it should stay this way. Reasons, discrimination , leaving profanity in our comment box, unprofessionalism , scams, racist/Hate comments. 

Instagram Feed:
You may post anything you wish on Modelstopia main Instagram feed. 
From photoshoots, behind the scenes, lazy days, Tiktoks, digitals, creative content, events. Each model is allowed to post up to 3 pictures or videos on our main feed a day. 

Story Feed: 
Anything is allowed on the story feed. Unlimited posting, Make this account part of your life, we are all modelstopia, we all bring something special to this platform to show the real side of modeling. 

Live Stream:
Unlimited live stream - there is no limits. 
I encourage to save your live streams to IG TV so people can view later. Save it on your existing highlight or create a new one. 

You are allowed to advertise / promote a brand, Friend , mother agency , fashion show , anything in general, as long as your mother agency is aware. 

Modelstopia Website: 
All models names participating will be posted on our website along with their Mother Agencies 

Instagram Takeovers password:
Please do not give other people access to Modelstopia account unless approved by Julio - JC.

Password will be automatically reset using a coded random sequence generator. (Every 4 months ) 
I will send you the new password via WhatsApp application or Instagram DM. If you are new to our takeover the password will be sent to you via IG DM

Beta program: 
Stacy is currently running Modelstopia under Instagram Beta program. This will not interfere with our activities. 

Login instructions.

(Step 1) login with password given to you via DM 

(Step 2) Wait for your device to be approved by the team. Don’t press reset password or click anything.

(Step 3) After your device has been approved refresh the application and login again. ( you will be notified when you have been approved. 

(Note) If you receive a pop up message from Instagram when you are logged in Modelstopia account saying if it’s you trying to login, please click “IT WAS ME” 
Other models will be logging in and they will need approval. 

Questions you will be askeD By followers:
What is Modelstopia? 
Modelstopia is a models hub, a place where models share ideas and network. Globally distinguished media outlet that identifies and promotes the talent propelling the new wave taste from an artistic and industry driven perspective.

Is Modelstopia a modeling agency?
Modelstopia is not a Modeling agency, Modelstopia is a model platform, a place to get discovered and noticed by mother agencies/scouts in a global scale. 

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