The Yellow Flowers Of Ethnicity

A black chariot soars along a trellised path of encrimsoned light decorating the glance consisting blossom yellow fragrance of hair interlaced with bronzed beauty.

Driven of asperous Homeric Hymn, spasmodically overflowing the pariah of shadow served to render an invisible driver of fashionable [G]aze.

Aeronautical brown eyes decorated with flowers interwoven in skin & makeup augments a soul rhythm of dancing fairies as the sun kissed chariot travels along it's Summa [Icumen]path, conjured from the cult of Agrarian Magic.

Modelstopia Exclusive

Photographer & Stylist

Alberto Gonzalez


Imani McEwan - MP Mega

Michaela Russo - Elite Models

Maya Tuffin - Next Models

Hair & Makeup

Cryatl Gossman - Agency Gerdard


Michelle Cameau - Agency Gerdard


Kevyn Aucoin Cosmetics

Mizani Hair Products

Boo Seaweed Gel

Zoya Nail Polish

Forecaster International

Banana Republic

Perry Ellis

Seta Apparel

Fenty x Puma by Rihanna

Yves Saint Laurent

Styled Junkie Vintage

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